Top 10 Best Yoga Mats

Yoga is one incredible way to kick back and remedy your wellbeing after an overstimulated day. Yoga workouts have been there for thousands of years.  It is even more enjoyable on a good yoga mat. Additionally, a yoga mat keeps you warm from the hard cold floor. This is why if you prefer your workouts indoors on the floor, we will suggest some of the best thick yoga mats.

Moreover, yoga mats create a safer workout space during your stretches. They tune you to the actual activity and prepare you mentally. Another incredible thing about yoga mats is that they’re very much portable. Most yoga mats are pretty easy to fold and transport. A good example is a Lululemon yoga mat.

You simply carry them to your favorite spot or somewhere quiet for peaceful and uplifting silence. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best yoga mats. Besides the fabric, we’re sure you’ll love the colors, the patterns, and just the general artistry put in the making of these mats.

Top 10 Best Yoga Mats

#1. MANDUKA Yoga Mat

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Thick Mat, Eco Friendly, Oeko-Tex Certified, Chemical Free, High Performance Grip, Ultra Dense Cushioning for Support and Stability in Yoga, Pilates, Gym and Fitness

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MANDUKA yoga mats are environmentally friendly and do not contain any chemically manufactured workings. This mat is 6 millimeters thick and is well cushioned even for hard floor surfaces. Furthermore, this one of the best thick yoga mats you can ever find.

It is slide resistant thanks to the dotted patterning that makes sure it grips the floor.  MANDUKA yoga mats come in different colors besides black. It is light and extremely portable and easy to store.

  • Thick density for hard surfaces
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Non-slip fabric

#2. BACKSLASH Yoga Smart Mat

Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

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By: Brand: Backslash

The bottom surface of the Backlash mat is slide-resistant, while the upper surface is smooth. The focal point, however, is the self-rolling feature that Backlash comes with. After tiring workout sessions, this cream comes in handy, simply flip it.

Additionally, it is accompanied by a set of audio Yoga sessions. The mat is 5 millimeters thick to keep you comfortable. Backlash was among the best yoga mat 2019 brands, all thanks to the versatile design.

  • Comes with a self-reeling feature
  • Comes with yoga instructions
  • Mat is 5 millimeters thick

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#3. JADEYOGA Professional Mat

Jade Yoga - Harmony Yoga Mat - Yoga Mat Designed to Provide A Secure Grip to Help Hold Your Pose

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This professional jade yoga mat is 5 millimeters and boasts of high-end natural rubber material. Additionally, it contains cotton for comfortable density and stability. It is quite easy to carry as it only weighs about 2 kilograms.

Jade yoga mats come in different colors, as well. The rubber fabric is slip-resistance, even hard, smooth floors. Additionally, natural rubber is environmentally friendly and does not ruin the atmosphere. The mat is also great for gymnastics.

  • Made with natural rubber
  • Light hence easy to carry
  • Also great for gymnastics

#4. GAIAM Yoga and workout Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat - Premium 5mm Dry-Grip Thick Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat for Hot Yoga, Pilates & Floor Workouts

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Gaiam yoga mats come in varying colors. This blue one measures 5 millimeters in thickness. Additionally, its fabric absorbs moisture from the body and conducts it away. This feature is especially resourceful in hot, sweaty conditions.

The design of this mat makes sure germs, and any lousy stench does not hide anywhere on the surface. It can be used for yoga, both indoors and outdoors, and measures 173 centimeters by 61 centimeters.

  • Absorbs and evaporates away moisture
  • Design locks out the putrid stench
  • Can be used anywhere

#5. AJNA Organic Mat

Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat - Natural Jute Yoga Mats - Large Non Slip - Reversible Jute PER - Carrying Strap - Extra Long Yoga Mat 72 Inch - 5mm - All Yoga - Vegan

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AJNA yoga mat boasts of organic fabric. Additionally, it comes with a freeholding strap to bring it with you to wherever you like. Just like the mat, the strap is also natural cotton. The Ajna mat resists sliding thanks to the high texture fabric.

It is free from dangerous parts like wires. Additionally, it does not have environmentally harmful components like latex. The design also makes sure this mat blends easily with the surrounding.

  • Fully organic fabric
  • Comes with a natural holding strap
  • Environmentally friendly fabric

#6. JADEYOGA Voyager Mat

JadeYoga - Voyager Yoga Mat (68 Inch)

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By: Brand: JadeYoga

We have another Jade yoga mat on our list. This variety is called Voyager and is purple in color. It comes with a superior fabric that is slip-resistant. The fabric is natural rubber. Rubber has a great reputation for not slipping.

It weighs 680 grams, which is lighter than most yoga mats. Furthermore, this Jade yoga mat is very easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe it with a wet cloth every seven days.

  • Comes with attractive purple color
  • Made of high-quality rubber
  • Weighs 680 grams


Heathyoga Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat, Body Alignment System, SGS Certified TPE Material - Textured Non Slip Surface and Optimal Cushioning

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The HEATHYOGA mat features a heavy-duty tire fiber bottom. Additionally, the upper surface is embossed with diamond-shaped patterns for a secure grip during yoga sessions. The mat features labels to guide you throughout your workout process.

Besides the beautiful ocean blue color on this model, there are other color options available. The HEATHYOGA map is safe for the environment as it is free of harmful materials like PVC. Furthermore, this is one of the best thick yoga mats.

  • Measures 6 millimeters in thickness
  • Comes with tire fiber bottom
  • Labeled with yoga instructions

#8. WWWW Pido Yoga Mat

WWWW 4W Suede TPE Yoga Mat Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mats with Carrying Strap and Bag

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This PIDO variety from W serves multiple purposes. Apart from just yoga, it is great for exercise. It features a lavish and comfortable suede surface. That fibrous suede fabric can absorb water easily and is tear-resistant.

Additionally, this yoga mat is pretty easy to clean. Simply use a wet cloth to gently wipe the surfaces. This is one of the best yoga mats on amazon thanks to the decorative design.

  • Comes with lavish suede top
  • Made of tear-resistant fabric
  • Absorbs water easily

#9. MANDUKA SuperLite Mat

Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat – 1.5mm Thick Travel Mat for Portability

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MANDUKA yoga mats come in varying kinds, sizes, and varieties. This light version is excellent for traveling, thanks to the weightless design. Additionally, it is effortless to fold and can fit inside the purse of a bag whenever you’re moving.

It comes with a sturdy, coarse material that is tear-resistant. The fabric is biodegradable and environmentally friendly since it is extracted from natural rubber from trees. Moreover, it is latex-free.

  • Great for traveling
  • Easy to fold design
  • Comes with tear-resistant fabric

#10. PIDO Yoga Mat

WWWW Yoga Mat Eco Friendly TPE Non Slip Yoga Mats by SGS Certified with Carrying Strap

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The PIDO yoga mart comes with a beautiful stunning bright color. It can be placed on any of the two sides for ultimate comfort. The mat is beautifully laser-printed. It features up to four layers of tear proofing hence lasts long.

This is one of the best yoga mats 2020 has to offer so far. It only weighs a kilogram so you can carry it with you to the preferred environment whenever you’re ready.

  • Each side can be used
  • Laser-printed, scratch proof design
  • Four layers of fabric

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