Top 10 Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Before we kick things off, it will do best first to understand what plantar fasciitis is. First, plantar fasciitis is an intensely sore heel pain that is felt under the heels. It can occur from lots of running or walking activities or sometimes from not putting on the right footwear.

Today we’re focusing on one of the solutions for this kind of pain, insoles. Yes, there are alternatives that offer the best plantar fasciitis support if you’re already facing the agony of heel pain.

We’ve compiled a list of some great insoles to go with the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Keep reading because our top 10 compilation might be the secret to getting back on your feet again, literally.

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Top 10 Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

#1. SUPERFEET Green Unisex Insoles

Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Support, Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Maximum Support, Unisex, Green

 Check Price On Amazon

 Check Price On Amazon

By: Superfeet

The SUPERFEET insoles are designed for male and female wearers. It is made from thick, soft foam for comfort. Each insole is molded with deep heel arcs to accommodate and heal your feet. They’re spongy and comfortable to wear.

Additionally, this SUPERFEET pair is made from organic odor absorption material. You don’t have to worry about unintentional foot smells. No matter the size of your shoes, they can be trimmed to fight right inside.

  • Recommended for male and female
  • Deep heel arcs for healing
  • Can be cut to fit

#2. SAMURAI Pain Relief Insoles

Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet - Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Guaranteed

 Check Price On Amazon

 Check Price On Amazon

By: Samurai Insoles

The vibrant Samurai pain relief insoles are among the best plantar fasciitis insoles Amazon has on its platforms. They go with just about any shoe type. Whether you’re putting on your sneakers or work oxford shoes, they still work better to deliver.

Besides heel pain, they also relieve pain in the ankle and other parts of the leg. They also relieve backaches. The pair comes in various sizes, so you don’t have to make any guesses.

  • Goes with different shoe types
  • Also relieves ankle pains
  • Different sizes for different feet

#3. POWERSTEP Shoe Insoles

Arch Support Shoe Orthotic Inserts for Women and Men by Powerstep

Check Price On Amazon

Check Price On Amazon

By: Powerstep

The POWERSTEP pair of insoles is designed to heal foot pain and shield feet from high impact landing. They absorb all kinds of foot-related shocks. The upper fabric is made of perforated mesh-like fabric for breathability and enough ventilation.

The heel curves are soft and dense for ultimate comfort. You can trust in this wonderful pair to begin your plantar fasciitis healing journey. They’re wearable for both men and women.

  • Inclusive unisex design
  • Absorbs high impact feet landing
  • Perforated breathable fabric

#4. POWERSTEP Men and Women’s Insoles

Powerstep Pinnacle Insole, BLUE, Men's 10-10.5, Women's 12

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By: Powerstep

We have another POWERSTEP design on our list. It is compatible with just about any shoe type.  So whether you need some good insoles for your work shoes or sports shoes, these POWERSTEP insoles are all you need.

They’re flexible and comfortable under your feet. They relieve feet from different types of pain. Whether you’re struggling with plantar fasciitis or just sore feet, they do. The upper fabric is pre-treated to fight off bacteria.

  • Strong and medical-grade insole
  • The anti-microbial fabric on top
  • Very comfortable insole

#5. FOOTMINDERS Comfort Insoles

Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles for Sport Shoes and Work Boots (Pair)

 Check Price On Amazon

 Check Price On Amazon

By: Footminders

This FOOTMINDER is layered with good quality fabric. The top fabric is layered with antibacterial material. Additionally, this material absorbs moisture to keep your feet dry and smelling fresh. Whether you need the best plantar fasciitis insoles for work boots or running shoes, this FOOTMINDER pair will do.

Besides just helping with plantar fasciitis, they help with back pains too. This is possible because your feet stay in the recommended angles all day, even when you’re sitting down.

  • Great for work boots
  • Moisture absorbing fabric
  • Relieves back pains

#6. HEEL THAT PAIN Insoles

Heel That Pain Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Check Price On Amazon

Check Price On Amazon

By: Heel That Pain

Clinically tried and approved, this pair of insoles is more effective than traditional insoles. The results are quick and are noticeable in just four weeks. If you want hard or soft orthotics for plantar fasciitis, we approve this wonderful pair.

They’re made from rubber, so when you insert them in your shoes, they won’t skid. They’re completely washable so you can clean them whenever you like. They’re designed in four different sizes to suit everyone.

  • Up to 4 varying sizes
  • Clinically tested and recommended
  • Made of ant slip rubber

#7. SOF SOLE Plantar Insoles Men’s

Sof Sole Men's Plantar Fascia

 Check Price On Amazon

 Check Price On Amazon

By: Sof Sole

Specially designed for men, this pair of nylon plated insoles is compatible with most shoe types. They come with deep accommodative curves for painful heels for faster healing. Right under the heel section is fitted around soft gel for comfort during movements.

They work with sports shoes as well as casual sneakers to alleviate pain from feet. Each insole comes with deep arcs. They’re fit for almost any foot size. They’re strong and last long.

  • Specially designed for men
  • Deep accommodative arcs
  • Fitted with gel pads

#8. WALK HERO Feet Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts Relieve Flat Feet, High Arch, Foot Pain

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 Check Price On Amazon


The Walk Hero insoles heal a long list of feet pains. The arc system is 7 millimeters high for ultimate healing and feet alignment. Additionally, it is made from thick density foam for eventual healing and comfort.

The heel curves remedy aching feet and relieve ankle pain. Whether you’re dealing with arthritis or diabetes-induced feet pains, Walk Hero is the perfect way to go. They’re comfortable and great for all shoe types.

  • High heel arcs
  • Perfect for all shoe types
  • Made from thick foam

#9. PHYSICS GEAR Orthotic Insoles

Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support For Men & Women

Check Price On Amazon

Check Price On Amazon

By: Physix Gear Sport

This pair comes with a thin operational design. It takes up little space in your shoes while healing and balancing your feet arrangement. The topmost fabric is pre-treated with an antibacterial solution.

It relieves an endless list of heel pains, including aching ankles and flat feet and sore heals. They’re well-suited for almost all shoe sizes ranging from casual sneakers to work shoes. They’re way better than homemade insoles for plantar fasciitis.

  • Well suited for all shoes
  • Heals different feet pains
  • Pre-treated upper fabric

#10. DR. SCHOLL’S Pain Relief Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s PLANTAR FASCIITIS Pain Relief Orthotics

Check Price On Amazon

Check Price On Amazon

By: Dr. Scholl’s

These clinically tested Dr. Scholl’s plantar fasciitis insoles are particularly designed for women. They’re comfortable and easy to slip into shoes. They’re layered with thick sponges for all-day feet pain relief. The arc supports are great, just like the thick accommodative heel curves.

They work for different kinds of shoes so you don’t have to invest in different insoles. This pair of Dr. Scholl’s® pain relief orthotics for plantar fasciitis is what you need for permanent healing.

  • Clinically tested and approved
  • Designed especially for women
  • Thick comfortable cushion

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