Top 10 Best Massage Guns

Massage guns have become very popular gadgets in recent years in the fitness world. They are percussive therapy tools that target sore muscles using rapid-fire pulses. The best massage guns focus on allowing you to enjoy massage therapy right from your home.

These devices are loved by many gym enthusiasts for their ability to help in muscle relaxation, facilitate easy muscle recovery after a workout, and prevent DOMs (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) by enhancing the flow of blood soft body tissues as well as lessening accumulation of lactic acid.

According to a study by researchers, percussive therapy provided by these devices is very helpful to the body. If you’re about to purchase one of these guns, then choose the best massage gun on Amazon from the list below.

Top 10 Best Massage Guns

#1. THERAGUN G3PRO Therapy Device

Theragun G3PRO Percussive Therapy Device, Handheld Deep Tissue Professional Massager 50% Quieter than G2PRO Muscle Stimulator For Pain Relief, Recovery, Enhance Performance & Energize The Body

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Check Price On Amazon

By: TheraGun

THERAGUN G3PRO Therapy Device is one of the best massage guns in 2020. It’s scientifically-calibrated to provide effective muscle treatment. It’s a great fitness gadget to relieve any muscle tension, boost warm-up and recovery, and enhance overall performance.

The massage gun comes with 2 speeds that allow customizable muscle treatment – Sensitive (29 percussions/second) and Standard (40 percussions/second). It’s equipped with 2 powerful Lithium-ion batteries that provide up to 75 minutes of continuous use.

  • Ergonomic full-body reach
  • Six unique attachments
  • 2 speeds for a customizable massage

#2. HYPERICE Hypervolt Massage Gun

Hypervolt by Hyperice, Featuring Quiet Glide Technology - Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

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Check Price On Amazon

By: Hyperice

Hypervolt Massage Gun is a cordless percussion massager gadget that helps in relaxing sore and body’s stiff muscles improving mobility. It includes quiet glide tech that ensures no-noise operation.

Moreover, the gun features 3-speed controls that generate up to 3200 percussions/minute. It’s the best massage gun 2020 Amazon. With a powerful Lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable, the gun allows up to 3 houses of continuous use.

  • High-quality massage gun
  • 3-speed controls
  • Power rechargeable battery

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#3. LIFEPRO Sonic LX Massage Gun

Sonic LX Professional Percussion Massage Gun - Powerful Deep Tissue Muscle Massager for Athlete Recovery and Chiropractic Therapy - Super Quiet, 9 Speeds + 7 Attachments for Limitless Usage

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Check Price On Amazon

By: LifePro

LIFEPRO Sonic LX Massage Gun is a professional-grade that delivers high-end results. It’s the best massage gun for therapists, professional trainers, and chiropractors as well as those who are looking for similar results at the comfort of their home.

With this device, you can easily choose a speed that suits your needs from low pressure to a robust 55 Hz pressure. It’s the best massage gun to release pain, muscle group, and injury. It includes 7 massage heads for precise targeting of different problem sections across the body.

  • Equipped with a 2,000mAh motor
  • Up to 3400 RPMs percussion speed
  • Ultra-quiet and on-the-go treatment

#4. EXERSCRIBE VYBE Percussion

VYBE Percussion Massage Gun - Premium Model - Muscle Deep Tissue Massager - Quiet, Portable, Electric, Hand held, Body Relaxation

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Check Price On Amazon

By: Exerscribe

EXERSCRIBE VYBE Percussion is also one of the best massage guns in 2020. It comes with 5 speeds reinforced with robust and great percussion vibration that gives the user up to 3200 strokes in a minute.

This is the best percussion messenger gun for removing pains and aches. It’s quiet and offers a soothing experience. It’s equipped with a 24-V brushless double-bearing transmission DC motor that generates only between 50 to 60 decibels of noise.

  • A compact and portable gun
  • Long-lasting battery
  • High-quality massage gun

#5. LEGAL Massage Gun

Massage Gun for Athletes, Portable Body Muscle Massager Professional Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Pain Relief with 6 Massage Heads 20 Speed High-Intensity Vibration Rechargeable Legiral Le3 Massage Gun

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Check Price On Amazon

By: Legiral

LEGAL Massage Gun also the best massage gun 2020 Amazon. It helps in relieving tight muscles, stiff backs, and soreness. It’s great for both personal and professional uses. It’s fitted with a 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery that guarantees up to 6 hours of continuous use.

Additionally, this best massage gun on amazon has a powerful 24V brushless motor. It’s quiet-glide noise-reduction tech ensures quiet operation. On top of that, it comes with 20 adjustable controls to satisfy all your needs.

  • Six massage heads for replacement
  • Powerful 24V motor
  • Low-noise operation
  • Best for athletes

#6. MEBAK Massager Gun

Massager Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage for Pain Relief, Super Quiet Portable Neck Back Body Relaxation Electric Drill Sport Massager Brushless Motor with 7 Attachment 5 Speeds Mebak3

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Check Price On Amazon

By: Mebak

MEBAK Massager Gun is the best massage gun wirecutter that helps in relieving muscle stiffness and soreness with its SEVEN head attachments that are interchangeable. You’ll love how quietly it operates to produce only about 40 to 50 dB of noise.

This massage gun comes with 5-speed controls that help to meet the massage needs of different body parts. It’s a suitable gun for neck, arm, and leg muscles. It’s equipped with a 2600mAh Lithium battery that ensures 2 to 3 hours of massage use after a single charge.

  • Lightweight massage gun
  • 5-speed controls
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Best for muscle pain

#7. CRYOTEX Percussion Massager Gun


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CRYOTEX Percussion Massager Gun is another one in the list of the best massage guns 2020. It delivers extensive muscle relaxation by deeply relieving your body’s soreness with the help of its deep and robust muscle massage capability.

This hand-held athletes’ massage gun comes with SIX massage heads and 20 intensity levels to provide you with that intense massage you need after a workout. It’s one of the best massage guns to warm-up your body before a workout.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Powerful and very quiet
  • Powerful 2600mAh lithium battery

 #8. RENPHO R4 Pro Massage Gun

RENPHO R4 Pro Massage Gun with Adjustable Arm, Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager Handheld, Portable Body Massager for Athletes Sore Muscle and Stiffness Back Pain Relief

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Check Price On Amazon


Like the Kraft massage gun, the RENPHO R4 Pro Massage Gun is a well-designed device with a great ergonomic grip. It’s made to deliver deep and speedy muscle treatment, muscle tension, pain, and soreness relief as well as activation and repair of muscle.

The massage gun is portable to facilitate easy carrying to the gym and is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery that ensures hours of massage use after a single charge. Additionally, it features SIX massage heads and FOUR-speed controls.

  • Carrying case for easy portability
  • Ergonomic shape with an easy-grip
  • Best for athletes and bodybuilders

#9. INTIMD BFGun HyperDrive Massager Gun

BFGun HyperDrive Percussive Therapy Muscle Massager Gun Stimulator - Real-Time Pain Relief Deep Tissue Shiatsu Trigger Point Sports Recovery Massager (X100)

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Check Price On Amazon

By: IntiMD

If you want a percussive therapy gadget that will offer instant, non-invasive, and organic pain-relief, this is the device to buy. It’s equipped with the capacity to accelerate the development and repair of tissues.

The INTIMD BFGun HyperDrive Massager Gun is the best percussion massage gun that offers a soothing stretch to your muscles and the connective tissues to enhance performance and responsiveness.

  • Best for fitness professionals
  • Provides instant pain relief
  • Accelerates muscle growth and repair

#10. BLANCHETT Handheld Massage Gun

Lnchett Massage Gun, Professional Handheld Massage Gun for Body Relaxation and Pain Relief, 20 Speed, with 8 Heads and Solid Aluminum Carrying Case

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By: Lnchett

Last but not least, LNCHETT Handheld Massage Gun is also one of the best massage guns in 2020. It comes with a powerful 2500 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that guarantees up to 8 hours of massage use.

This best affordable massage gun includes 6 heads to help in targeting all your muscle groups to experience perfect muscle pain relief. It operates quietly thanks to its brushless motor that generates high power at low noise.

  • Great aluminum case
  • Powerful and long-lasting battery
  • Operates at low noise

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