10 Best Infuser Water Bottles

If you’re one of the health-conscious individuals, you probably want to say goodbye to juice, soda, and bottled water. There are many advantages of infusing fruits rather than just squeezing them into your water.

If you’re not yet aware of the fruit infusion bottles, then you haven’t realized how simple it is to begin enjoying fresh fruit water infusions. Infusing fruits into your water helps you to stay away from sugary soft drinks.

As we know it, soft drinks contain large quantities of sugar. Therefore, mixing fruits into drinking water will help you to avoid consuming excess intake of sugars.

The best infuser water bottles in 2020 are available in different designs and are very user-friendly. These bottles are also easy to clean and most of them are dishwasher safe. These are the top 10 best infuser water bottles this year.

10 Best Infuser Water Bottles

#1. MAMI WATA Infuser Bottle

MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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We start our list with MAMI WATA Infuser Bottle as the best infuser water bottle 2020. It comes with a start-of-the-art design and classic look. The bottle offers a solution to tasteless tap water by allowing you to experience sweet fresh fruit-infused drinks.

The quality of this bottle is high. It’s made using premium quality plastic that’s shatterproof, durable, and free from harmful chemicals. The bottle is equipped with a low-infusion capability that allows the infused water to taste sweeter.

  • 100% leak-resistant
  • High-quality construction
  • Shatterproof & durable design

#2. HYDRACY 1 Liter Hydration Bottle

Hydracy Water Bottle with Time Marker - Large 1 Liter 32 Oz BPA Free Water Bottle

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By: Hydracy

HYDRACY 1 Liter Hydration Bottle is the best glass infuser water bottle that you need to be able to stay away from sodas and other sugary drinks. The bottle is 100% leak-resistant and shows zero condensation.

It comes with a useful time market that helps to inform you about when you should take another sip. The bottle is safe, healthy, and free from harmful chemicals, bad odors, and plastic smells. Its smart design with a removable carry strap helps to make it more comfortable to carry.

  • Durable & non-toxic
  • 100% leak-resistant & portable
  • Important recipe E-Book

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#3. BRIMMA 32 oz. Water & Fruit Infuser

Brimma Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, Large 32 Oz

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By: Brimma

BRIMMA 32 oz. Water & Fruit Infuser is BPA free and has an amazing leak-proof design. It’s a 2-in-1 detachable infuser – perfect for one water bottle. This flavor infuser water bottle comes with a top-notch lid lock feature that ensures that the content doesn’t spill.

It includes a capsule as well as fruit infusion tech that forces flavor into your daily water, which makes it taste better than many other sports drinks. The great thing about this infuser bottle is that it’s user-friendly, cleans with ease, and comfortably portable.

  • Easy to carry, use, and clean
  • Innovative leak-proof design
  • Two-in-One removable infuser

#4. INFUSION PRO Infuser Bottle

Infusion Pro Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

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By: Infusion Pro

INFUSION PRO Infuser Bottle is the best infuser bottle 2020 design with portability in mind. It’s the best glass infuser water bottle for hiking or biking and even hitting the gym. The bottle comes with a useful leak-proof design to ensure no spills in your hiking backpack.

Additionally, this infuser bottle features a carry strap that enhances its portability. It uses bottom-load infuser tech to keep fruit submerged to deliver the best flavor. Its removable strainer helps in preventing ice, seeds, and pulp from blocking/clogging the spout.

  • Versatile infuser water bottle
  • Non-toxic and durable
  • Best for hiking, gym or biking

#5. SAVVY INFUSION Infuser Bottle

Savvy Infusion Flip Top Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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By: Visit the Savvy Infusion Store

The SAVVY INFUSION Infuser Bottle is the perfect flavor infuser water bottle to gift to your mother, woman, or friend on any occasion be it a birthday or Christmas. The bottle features top-notch craftsmanship with a unique swivel cap on top to prevent any spills.

This infusion pro premium fruit infused water bottle can be your best travel companion. It’s portable, which means you can use it during hiking, camping, biking, yoga class, and gym – very versatile. The bottle is BPA free and very durable.

  • Easy cleaning – dishwasher safe
  • High-quality construction
  • Innovative spill-proof design

#6. BEVGO 32oz Infuser Bottle

Bevgo Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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By: Bevgo

BEVGO 32oz Infuser Bottle comes with an outstanding design with grips on the sides and a handy handle that enhances the drinking experience. It’s the perfect smart water bottle infuser when you’re on the go – it fits on the majority of car mounts.

The bottle is toxic-free and 100% reusable. It saves you from buying sodas and juices and instead enjoys healthy flavored drinking water. With a hydration tracker and carry handle, you’re sure to enjoy a great drinking experience.

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Best for on-the-go water drinking
  • 100% reusable & toxic-free

#7. HYDRACY 32oz Fruit Infuser Bottle

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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By: Hydracy

HYDRACY 32oz Fruit Infuser Bottle is also the best infuser water bottle 2020. It’s a large infuser bottle with a 32-ounce capacity. The timeline feature of this fruit infuser water bottle with straw helps you to keep a track of your daily water intake.

It’s a smart water bottle infuser with an elegant design and made to ensure easy portability with the help of its practical carry handle. Also, it includes special side grips to allow safe and comfortable handling.

  • Encourages healthy water drinking habit
  • Elegant and portable design
  • Large 32oz. capacity

#8. LIVE INFINITELY 32oz Water Infuser Bottle

Live Infinitely 32 oz. Infuser Water Bottles

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By: Live Infinitely

LIVE INFINITELY 32oz Water Infuser Bottle is also the best glass infuser water bottle – full-length infuser. It’s designed to make sure that every drop of your water tastes deliciously fruity. You’ll find an E-Book for free that has 20 sweet and refreshing water recipe ideas.

This insulated infuser water bottle is dishwasher safe, which means that it’s easy to keep it clean. It has an innovative shatterproof feature that helps to ensure no spills. The infuser bottle is BPA free and completely safe for everyone.

  • 32-ounce shatterproof bottle
  • 100% safe and PBA free
  • Dishwasher safe – easy cleaning

#9. GRSTA Stainless Steel Straw/Filter Bottle

Metal Stainless Steel Water Bottle Thermoflask With Straw&Filte

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By: Grsta

GRSTA Stainless Steel Straw/Filter Bottle is an innovatively designed fruit infuser water bottle with straw. It comes with a detachable ice ball that helps to keep your water cool for many hours to help you enjoy cold water whether at the gym, while running, yoga, hiking, etc.

It’s made from high-quality material that is PBA-free – 100% toxic-free and eco-friendly. The infuser bottle is durable and features a nice shatterproof design – Encourages a healthy drinking habit to always keep your body well-hydrated.

  • Innovative leak-proof design
  • High-quality, toxic-free material
  • Detachable ice ball – keep water cool

#10. AquaFrut 32oz Fruit Infusion Bottle

AquaFrut 32 OZ Fruit Infuser Water Bottle BPA-Free Fruit Infusion Sports Bottle

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By: Aquafrut Bottle

AquaFrut 32oz Fruit Infusion Bottle is BPA free and features an innovative leak-proof feature that ensures no mess done into your bag. Its design is stylish and is equipped with a non-slip grip, easy drink spout, safe lock-lock lid, and comfortable cargo hook.

As the best infuser water bottle 2020, the infuser bottle is free from any harmful chemicals, which ensures a healthy hydration habit. It’s the perfect flavor infuser water bottle for on-the-go use – suitable for the office, gym, and beach.

  • High-quality materials – durable & unbreakable
  • 32-ounce large capacity
  • Stylish & comfortable design

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